Protecting the environment

Anaerobic Neutralising Liquid (ANL)

• Safely removes H2S​

• Effective in sludge, compost and wastewater​

• Environmentally friendly​

• Highly effective, even at low dosing​

• No tanker deliveries​

Part of the Odour Control System

Cobra ANL is a liquid blend of pre-selected autotrophic microbes which are able to convert sulphides into elemental sulphur. By adding Cobra ANL to sewage, the sulphide in the sewage water is removed.

Cobra ANL is a microbial formulation containing bacteria capable degrading volatile fatty acids and bacteria capable converting  sulfides into elemental sulfur.

The bacteria deals with the volatile fatty acids use this as a food source, converting it into new biomass and the CO2 reduces the septic odours from the sewage. The bacteria taking care of the sulfides take care of the H2S (rotten egg odour).

The bacteria uses inorganic carbon and sulfides to grow and reproduce, producing new biomass.

Protecting the environment

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