Dust Suppression Fan System (DS50 + DS100)

available for hire or purchase

DS50 in action


• Throw 50m

• Weight 2500kg

• Fan Oscillation 340 Degrees

• Tilt Angle -10 ~ 45

• Water Capacity 2000 Litres

• Water Consumption 10-35 L/Minute (Adjustable)

• Water Coverage 4500m²

• Towable

• Hand Held Remote Control

• Noise 70dB


• A larger dust suppression fogging cannon with all DS50 Features +

• Up to 100m throw

• Tilt angle 10-45 degrees

A mobile dust suppression fog cannon, fully self-contained, powered by a 20kw generator, towable and can be transported to site. Operate either with a handheld remote-control unit or controlled directly at its control cabinet. The DS50’s trailer is manufactured to hold 2000 litres of water which can be connected to an external water source if needed. The fog cannon oscillates to 340 degrees and operates with a hydraulic tilt system. The DS50 utilises a 40-nozzle spray ring, throws water to a distance of 50m and can cover an area up to 4500m2.

The nozzles are of high tech and are self cleaning therefore no blockages. The mist is a fogging mist that can reach up to 20 meters for excellent coverage and to treat odour at source.

The option to have a wind speed and direction fitted to your system is an advantage. The systems are operational only when wind in blowing from selected direction at a set speed. Up to eight directions can easily be programmed into the unit by the user. Where the option is provided, a manual over-ride selector switch is fitted as standard.

Protecting the environment

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