Protecting the environment

Atom Neutraliser

N1 is typically used for sites with low odour problems, such as composting facilities and/or landfill sites. Eliminating all H2S odours.
N2 is mainly required for odours that are offensive to employees and surrounding areas/people of waste transfer sites. Eliminating all H2S odours.
N3 is used for staggering levels of odour release, from manufacturing facilities, refineries, abattoirs and effluent plants. In these cases, hydrocarbons and mercaptans may also be present. Eliminating all H2S odours.
N4 is for the highest level of odour release e.g. oil refineries, effluent plants and high odour manufacturing facilities. More than likely, hydrocarbons and mercaptans will be present. Eliminating all H2S odours.

• Fresh Linen

• Sea Breeze

• Cherry

• Bubblegum

• Eucalyptus

• Lavender

• Cut Grass

Part of the Odour Control System

Atom is a range of organic, non-toxic odour neutralisers. We have tailored our product to best suit our customer’s needs, making it very popular within the odour control industry. Unlike masking chemicals, Atom Neutraliser breaks down the odour molecule to a harmless form, whilst leaving a pleasant fragrance in the air.

Our tailor made bespoke systems are designed to work alongside our atom range of organic non toxic odour neutralisers that breaks down odour molecules to a harmless form and leaves a pleasant fragrance in the air. Scents and strengths can be made available on request.

Protecting the environment

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