Protecting the environment

Wall Fan Unit

available for hire or purchase

our plant in dirty production

• Rotary atomiser

• Never blocks

• Up to 45m throw

Part of the Dust Control Solutions

Part of the Odour Control System

What is the Odourmaster Fan and how does it work?

All of our systems are designed to provide excellent coverage for odour control and/or dust suppression in both indoor and oudoor environments.

The Odourmaster Fan has parts made up from assisted rotary atomiser mounted on a robust steel mast. The unit operates by pumping a mixture of water to the rotary atomiser which distributes the solution within a tight droplet spectrum. This extremely fine mist is then propelled further by the fan behind the atomiser.

It’s a highly powerful system, available in wall-mounted, ceiling mounted and mobile unit form. The oscillating unit will turn through 100 degrees, and the flow can be adjusted between 0 and 180 litres per hour. The spray will cover 30-45 metres.

Protecting the environment

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