Protecting the environment

Bio Block

• No need for large storage tanks​

• Simple to operate and install

• Has an immediate impact​

• Can be used anywhere ​

• Organic and economical to use​

How is treatment implemented?

The problems associated with fat and grease build-up in Waste-Water Treatment Plants are well documented. The costs associated with the removal and disposal of fog, coupled with the repair and maintenance costs because of clogging and damaged to pipework and pumps make the problem one worth addressing.

The Bio-Block has been developed to address the above mentioned problems. The Bio-Block offers 24/7 operation with no need for dosing equipment, power, or storage and operation space. The block hangs in a wet well, positioned to the in-coming waste water flow. The turbulence of this water slowly erodes the block dosing the complete system and colonising all aspects of the operation.

An initial shock dose of a specialist agent is applied at the earliest possible stage of the treatment. Then the Bio-block is suspended in the primary wet well and passive dosing commences. Though the active ingredients of the Bio-block are effective immediately, its full effects are not seen for three to four weeks. This is due to the bacteria having to colonise, proliferate and penetrate the fat build-up.

Protecting the environment

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