Protecting the environment

Odour Control Units (OCU’s)

Our larger, ‘Big Bobby’ carbon filters, or Odour Control Units, (OCU’s), operates on two basic principles, extraction of the odour or gas, and neutralisation of the gas, by way of adsorption, using activated charcoal media.


Our OCU’s are manufactured from HDPE material, resistant against, chemicals and gases and have the following operation functions:


Control Panel – Electrical power and regulates ATEX fan functions, by 25 to 100% efficiency. Signals out OCU functions, via Modbus, RS or GSM.


Extraction Fans – ATEX rated fans have the air flow capability to extract 150 m3/hour – 30,000m3/hour, from source, into the OCU.  A second extraction fan finishes by pulling the gases or odours, thereby, ‘dry scrubbing’ and neutralising the gases through the activated carbon media.


CE Certificated Gas Sensors – Hydrogen Sulphide, Methane, Ammonia.  Gas measurement up to 300ppm.


Mass Tensometers – Each OCU is fitted with up to four Tensometers, accurately measuring the mass of the carbon media, providing valuable information on then efficiently levels of the activated charcoal media.