Protecting the environment

Dry Vapour Systems

available for hire or purchase

Our products are installed near the transformer

• Non-toxic and non-corrosive

• No need for large storage tanks

• No need for dosing equipment

• Economical to use

• No water supply necessary

• Simple to operate and install

Part of the Odour Control System

• Has an immediate impact​

• Neutralises a wide variety of odours​

• Can be used as an emergency response​

• Can be used anywhere, inside buildings open yards, exhaust stacks and ventilation systems​

• Replaces the traditional reactive agent and operates at a molecular level​

The Dry Vapour Unit uses evaporation from fluids. This takes place when the liquid moleculesone on the surface have enough momentum to overcome the intermolecular cohesive forces and escape to the atmosphere. When the liquid is agitated, momentum and the evaporation increases. A reduction of the pressure above a liquid will reduce the momentum needed for molecules to escape the liquid and increase the evaporation.

The Dry Vapour Unit combines the best of our traditional systems and modern technology to give you an odour suppression system, which has the ability to neutralise odours without the use of water.

The Dry Vapour Unit works by pumping product through a perforated pipe distribution system, creating a dry vapour to eliminate airborne smells.

Protecting the environment

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