Protecting the environment


The Cobra Acoustic Barrier is a temporary sound absorbing panel that is easily fixed to temporary fencing or other structures.


Independent testing has shown that the Cobra Acoustic Barrier can achieve up to 30dB of noise reduction, enabling construction sites, engineering sites, water utility works, hospitals, railway and roadside construction, where excessive or prolonged noise could pose significant disturbance to the wider community.



Cobra ANL is a liquid blend of pre-selected autotrophic microbes which are able to convert sulphides into elemental sulphur. By adding Cobra ANL to sewage, the sulphide in the sewage water is removed.

Atom is a range of organic, non-toxic odour neutralisers. Unlike masking chemicals, Atom neutralisers break down odour molecules to a harmless form and leaves a pleasant fragrance in the air.

Scents can be made available on request.

• Bubblegum • Cherry

• Cut Grass • Eucalyptus

• Fresh Linen • Lavender

• Lemon, Odourless • Pine

• Sea Breeze • Strawberry

• Vanilla

The Bio-Block offers 24/7 operation with no need for dosing equipment, power, or storage and operation space. The block hangs in a wet well, positioned to the in-coming waste water flow. The turbulence of this water slowly erodes the block dosing the complete system and colonising all aspects of the operation.

A sophisticated blend od surfacants blended with bio-degradable essential oils, which are food grade, non-toxic, safe to aquatic life and humans.


This product is most commonly used in conjunction with our Dry Vapour systems, which uses evaporation from fluids. This takes place when the liquid molecules on the surface have enough momentum to overcome the intermolecular cohesive forces and escape to the atmosphere. When the liquid is agitated, momentum and evaporation increase, a reduction of the pressure above a liquid will reduce the momentum needed for molecules to escape the liquid and increase the evaporation.

Oxi Foam gives a short-term odour/dust control and visual effect, but it creates a barrier until it is disturbed, perfect for end of the day routine maintenance.

Oxi Foam creates a foam layer which is highly effective in achieving short-term odour and dust control, Oxi Foam is perfect for remediated ground and waste stockpile.

Oxi Foam comes in a variety of bio degradable scents:

• Cherry

• Sea Breeze

• Bubblegum

• Fresh Linen

• Cut Grass

• Lemon and more!

Protecting the environment

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