Protecting the environment


The Cobra Acoustic Barrier is a temporary sound absorbing panel that is easily fixed to temporary fencing or other structures.

Cobra ANL is a liquid blend of pre-selected autotrophic microbes which are able to convert sulphides into elemental sulphur. By adding Cobra ANL to sewage, the sulphide in the sewage water is removed.

Atom is a range of organic, non-toxic odour neutralisers. Unlike masking chemicals, Atom neutralisers break down odour molecules to a harmless form and leaves a pleasant fragrance in the air. Scents can be made available on request.

The Bio-Block offers 24/7 operation with no need for dosing equipment, power, or storage and operation space. The block hangs in a wet well, positioned to the in-coming waste water flow. The turbulence of this water slowly erodes the block dosing the complete system and colonising all aspects of the operation.

Protecting the environment

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