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Dust Control

CobraHydroUK offers dust control solutions for industrial plants.



Dust control systems form the basis of effective dust control strategies. These systems are designed to capture and suppress dust particles, preventing them from becoming airborne and dispersing into the surrounding atmosphere. By implementing reliable dust control systems, industries can comply with environmental regulations, increase productivity, and protect the health of their employees.



Fogging systems are widely used solutions for controlling airborne dust. These systems use a fine mist or mist of water droplets to effectively suppress airborne dust particles. Small droplets produced in a fogging or atomizing system bind to dust particles, weighing them down and causing them to settle, thereby reducing their dispersion range. This innovative approach provides effective dust suppression while minimizing water consumption.



Dust control nozzles play a vital role in delivering the fine mist or mist required for effective dust suppression. These specialized nozzles are designed to create a controlled spray pattern, providing optimal coverage and distribution of water droplets. By selecting the appropriate type and configuration of dust suppression nozzles, businesses can tailor their dust suppression systems to their specific operational needs, achieving maximum dust suppression efficiency.



Dust cannons use high-velocity air or water jets to effectively capture and control dust particles, while dust suppression devices combine various dust suppression technologies to control dust at its source.



We create a dust control system for each individual case. All equipment is available. Our managers are ready to advise you.



Dust Control Solutions

Protecting the environment

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